Vincent is a certified Iyengar © yoga teacher "I discovered yoga thanks to a serious herniated disc which they wanted to operate on to graft a prosthesis into the spine. Freeze frame, suspension time, pain, questioning, awareness. Yoga avoided me the prosthesis ... Difficult beginnings, I had until then completely ignored my body .. Learning in pain and will because the body no longer worked as before ... Yoga healed me , asthma, recurrent sinusitis, and then that perfectly healthy back. Yoga has opened up new perspectives for me, exploration, inner journey to self-discovery.
I discovered yoga after a serious back problem that almost paralyzed me. Until then, I had ignored my body. The practice healed me by opening me to new perspectives of life. I became a certified Iyengar yoga teacher, trained by Willy Bok in Brussels and continue to train with Abhijata Iyengar (granddaughter of BKS Iyengar), David Meloni, Christian Pisano, Rita Keller, Zubin (and others).

In parallel I continue to exercise my profession of professional cameraman, which helps to have a detachment from events, which I believe, helps me to be an attentive observer of the practice of the students. The Iyengar method is yoga; what classical dance is for dance in general. It is a method which gives the practitioner precise and solid bases.

This precision in postures as well as the use of accessories to facilitate alignments protects against possible injuries. Being a yoga teacher is a commitment to yourself and to others. It is becoming a "sadhaka", one who pursues a path of inner development. Passing on their knowledge and their practice also means continuing to learn from students with compassion.

teaching is an exchange and I think I combine the requirement of Iyengar and natural empathy. As other activities: the creation of a group which actively promotes dialogue and exchanges between yoga teachers in order to deepen the links within the Belgian yoga community. A series of mini filmed portraits of yogi.ni.s for Belgian television. A social yoga project as well as a "show-practice" of yoga based on legends.